What is Friends of Trees?

Elkins Friends of Trees

A group of concerned citizens formed the local Friends of Trees to help manage and care for trees.  They developed a local tree inventory of street trees with the goal of creating a tree plan.  They sponsor planting and pruning workshops working with the WV Division of Urban Forestry.  They support public awareness activities such as a Forest Festival exhibit, an Arbor Day poster contest, and an Adopt-a-Tree program.  Friends of Trees meets for lunch the third Tuesday of each month at Kissel Stop.


What is the City of Elkins Tree Board?

The Elkins City Council passed an ordinance in June 2008 to create a City Tree Board .  The board was charged with developing a plan for the management and care of trees along the city streets together with local citizen groups.  The Tree Board in conjunction with WV Urban Forestry will write a City Tree Manual for best practices concerning planting, pruning and removing trees.  The Tree Board applies for grants to provide young trees. 

The Tree Board and the Mayor proclaim the city Arbor Day in conjunction with the National Arbor Day Foundation on the last Friday of April.